Dawn-Marie Parmley HMS
Registered Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

What is Counselling?
We have all helped a friend, family member or a complete stranger in times of great need. Listening to their problem as they try to understand and deal with their pain and feelings.

A counsellor is someone who has been trained to use different approaches with their clients. The therapist helps the client see things more clearly, possibly from a different viewpoint. 

Trust and confidentiality are vital as is the feeling of safety and knowing they will not be judged.

Counselling is not:

Giving Advice
Being Judgemental
Attempting to sort out the client's problem
Not looking at the client's issue from the therapist perspective

Sometimes all you need is to have a chat with someone who is not connected to you or to the problem. Sometimes the problem might be a little deeper and harder to reach and that's where Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy can help. 

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